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HAI GUYS !!! Again i gonna talk about my OC hair

2017-01-09 15:33:45 by Armi

So @Jsoull (that's a cool guy and you should follow him or i gonna kill you in sleep) remade my (@Cethic) hair :D

And i totally forgot to credit him for it so yeah. Big thanks to him and all the support im getting lately. :)

And yeah. I totally wanted to make this post, its nothing like someone want to shoot me in head or so... 



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2017-01-09 15:35:07


Armi responds:



2017-01-09 16:07:26

Hm a dál.

Armi responds:

No pak mě stejně zastřelily a znásilnily mě do prdky :3


2017-01-10 07:53:43

xD hustý