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So @Jsoull (that's a cool guy and you should follow him or i gonna kill you in sleep) remade my (@Cethic) hair :D

And i totally forgot to credit him for it so yeah. Big thanks to him and all the support im getting lately. :)

And yeah. I totally wanted to make this post, its nothing like someone want to shoot me in head or so... 


Fist fight training

2017-01-04 10:44:15 by Armi

Im really bad at fist fight so i made this little test :)

Sprites: @Djjaner @Dudingarn


My depressions

2016-11-22 11:08:14 by Armi

So i finally don't have those big ass depressions that i used to have. And guys it's so good. Still got some problems but they are just so little... XD


Now im working on big clip to even bigger collab so stay tuned for that BOISSSS XD


Ok this is everything.




Btw kill meh plz :D


2016-11-11 11:53:28 by Armi

I got 50 Fans i am really happy. I hope you like my animations. I know its not good but im trying.

Lack of gore :D

2016-10-16 14:52:17 by Armi

So im running low on gore to my animations and i cant really draw them that much... SO if you have some please send them to me :)


Btw im still not dead just woking on incident :)

So if you want those sprites dowloand them here and pls make a test and send it to me ! :)

My new character :))

2016-08-14 15:06:26 by Armi

 Body by JohnyPixel Hair is.... Repainted Cethic hair